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1、Participate in the auction

1、The official account can be obtained by paying the deposit before the auction is completed, and it is paid through the global IC purchase network auction page or the two-dimensional code provided by the public number.。)

2、IC, global online auction( . CN), click the "confirm bid" button on the auction page。

3、Margin supplement:

(1)Whether the auction is in progress or not, the margin will be paid after the end of the auction 2  Within working daysThe original way back, no deduction after the auction。

(2)If your deposit has met the return conditions, if2Within working daysIf it has not been returned, please contact the website customer service4008-602-114Consultation。

2、Bidding rules

(1)The bidding time is2017年1月13日10:00-11:00

(1)Time node special attention: auction endThe first 2 minutes (subject to the time display of system accepting bidding),If there is a bidder bidding, the auction time is automatically based on the bidding timeDelay 3 minutes,The auction ends when no bidders bid。

(2)The bid range must be greater than or equal to the range of price increase, and may not be an integral multiple of the range of price increase. There is no restriction on the number of times a bidder offers, please bid carefully. Once a bidder makes an offer, it cannot be withdrawn. When the bidder has a higher bid, his bid will lose its binding force。

(3)At the end of the bidding, the current highest bid price is the transaction price, and the bidder is regarded as the successful bidder。

(4)The global IC purchasing network will contact the successful bidder to negotiate the payment。

(5)If the successful bidder fails to perform the transaction, the global IC purchasing network will confiscate the deposit, and the bidder with the second highest bid will get the trading right, and the price will be the highest price, and so on. If all bidders give up the transaction, all the deposits will be confiscated, and the auction will be regarded as a failed auction。

(6)Each bid must be equal to or greater than two bidders, and the bidder is valid, otherwise, it is a drop auction。

(7)Bidders shall not maliciously collude with each other to harm the interests of others。

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